Residential Service Agreement

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    By signing below I agree to receive weekly residential service from Ryland Environmental and to pay the quarterly service fees. My Printed Name is serving as my Signature.

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    Customer grants Ryland Environmental exclusive waste removal rights during the term of this contract as agreed above for one year. The customer may terminate this agreement with a 30 day notice should the customer no longer need any waste removal services. This agreement will renew at the end of the initial term for an additional term unless notified in writing within thirty days of the end of the agreement by the customer. The customer may also decline auto-renewals upon the signing of the initial agreement.

    If a customer terminates this agreement before the end of the term commitment or after 50% of the remaining service terms, he/she will not be awarded any refund on their account with the exception of the sale of a home, natural disaster, or death.

    Rate Increases: The rate is good for the length of the contract except in the circumstances of an increase in the cost of doing business for Ryland Environmental. This may include increases in fuel, taxes, landfill fees, governmental fees, employee costs, or other unforeseen costs. Customers will receive justification upon demand for any price increases.

    Payments: Customer agrees to pay on a monthly basis according to the charges on the service agreement. Payment is due within 10 days of the receipt of the invoice. All accounts need to be set up on auto draft with a checking account or a credit card.

    Liability & Responsibility: The customer shall use due diligence in not overloading or damaging Ryland Environmental containers. The customer may be responsible for reimbursing Ryland Environmental for damaged containers due to customer negligence. The customer shall only load legally acceptable waste into Ryland Environmental containers. No hazardous, highly flammable, bio-medical, or toxic waste is allowed.

    The customer shall provide access to the container on the agreed-upon collection day. The customer agrees to defend and hold Ryland Environmental harmless against claims, lawsuits, and liability as a result of the customer's use of Ryland Environmental equipment.

    Service adjustments: Service levels may be adjusted and agreed upon by both parties orally or in writing.

    Front Load Containers:

    1. No tires, hazardous,toxic, or hazardous wastes.

    2. Construction and demolition debris including concrete are not allowed

    3. Containers are not to be used to burn or incinerate trash.

    4. The customer is responsible for providing Ryland Environmental with a stable and safe right away for heavy trucks. Ryland Environmental is not responsible for damages to driveways, parking lots, ground, grass, or underground pipes, etc.

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